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The Benefits of a Custom Chimney Chase Cover

The Benefits of a Custom Chimney Chase Cover

A fireplace is a beautiful and functional feature for any home. But, behind the scenes, your chimney works hard to constantly exhale smoke, fumes, and other elements while you’re enjoying the warmth of your fireplace.

Knowing more about the parts of your chimney is vital to the safety of your home, and understanding them can help you maintain it for the future. This way, you can enjoy warm nights by the fire for many years to come.

In this article, we will discuss three main parts of your chimney:

Together, these three critical components are the most visible elements of your chimney’s exterior, forming a protective barrier to keep water, rodents, and debris out of the chimney and fireplace. And when any of these components are missing or fail, the risk of chimney problems rises.

Additionally, we will explore:

What is a Chimney Crown?

The chimney crown is the top level of the chimney. It is usually made from mortar or cement and is the first line of defense for protecting your chimney from its most dangerous threat: water. 

The chimney crown is exposed to harsh weather and environmental conditions, which can lead to cracks. If damages to the crown are not discovered and repaired on time, the brick masonry will begin to soften, decay, and eventually break off the chimney translating into costly repairs.

What is a Chimney Chase Cover?

A chimney chase cover fits on top of the chase, helping keep water, snow, leaves, debris, and animals out of the fireplace and flue. The chase also aids in directing the smoke and burning embers away from your roof to prevent a house fire.

The most common sign of a faulty chimney chase cover is rust and corrosion. Especially if you live near the ocean, rust is more common, and this may also lead to cracks and generate unwanted leaks in your home.

Since aluminum chase covers are more prone to rusting than stainless steel, especially in the Los Angeles coastal areas with high salinity levels, they need to be inspected regularly.

The Benefits of a Custom Made Chimney Chase Cover

At Eco Grizzly, we manufacture and install custom chase covers to replace your chimney’s existing rusted chase cover and upgrade you to a detailed and durable chase cover. 

With custom measurements, you can ensure the cover fits perfectly over the chimney’s opening providing the best protection.

On top of that, when you take an additional step to invest in protecting your chimney system, you are less likely to face unexpected repairs that may not be covered by homeowners insurance.

What is a Chimney Cap?

The chimney cap works in conjunction with the chimney chase and chimney chase cover to prevent water, animals, and debris from entering the flue. It’s mounted above the crown and wraps the flue inside a cage-like mesh allowing smoke to vent but preventing outside material from entering the chimney.

We consider it an indispensable safety device. Without it, the flue and fireplace are exposed to external hazards that can damage the integrity of your chimney while also causing the masonry to rust leading to more expensive repairs. 

Also, the flu can get clogged, blocking the release of dangerous fumes from a burning fireplace exposing families to dangerously high levels of smoke and carbon monoxide, and increasing the risk of fires.

When to Replace Your Chimney Chase?

If your chase is damaged, rusted, or has significant wear and tear, or you notice reddish-brown stains around the top of your chase, then it needs to be repaired. The most common cause of damage comes from corrosion and rust, especially if you live near the ocean. 

Once rust begins, it only worsens and eventually leads to significant damage and leaks that will create more internal chimney damage.

However, climbing atop our roofs to check the chimney cover on a regular basis is not something that we do so often. So how can you know when you need to replace your chimney chase?

One way to maintain this area of your home is to schedule annual chimney inspections to do a thorough check of your chimney structure. 

Another sign that you need a new cover is water on the floor of your fireplace. A damaged chimney chase cover can cause leaks. So, if you’re finding water in your fireplace, there’s a good chance your cover is taking on rust or corrosion.

If you see any sign of water in your fireplace, you can call us at (818) 835-4751 to prevent any further damage. If you can catch it soon enough, you can avoid any additional costly repairs.

As homeowners, knowledge is power when owning up to the important responsibilities of keeping your home safe. Remember to have your chimney cap, chimney crown, and chase cover inspected annually and repair any missing or damaged components as soon as possible.

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