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Chimney Cap Vs. Spark Arrestor: What’s The Difference?

Chimney Cap Vs. Spark Arrestor: What’s The Difference?

The chimney is an integral part of any home. Whether it’s used for heating the house, cooking, or simply enjoying an evening fire, chimneys are essential to everyone who spends time at their home. However, when you need to inspect or repair any part of your chimney, it’s necessary to understand the different components of your chimney.

While chimney caps and spark arrestors may sound like the same thing, they are actually two different parts of a chimney system that work together to keep your home safe from fire hazards as well as prevent air pollution. In this blog, we’ll break down the difference between a chimney cap and a spark arrestor.

What Is A Chimney Cap?

A chimney cap is an essential component of your chimney, even though not every chimney build will include this part. The chimney cap is a protective cover that is typically made out of steel and resides on the top of your chimney, located above the crown. It uses a mesh screen to keep out flying sparks, leaves, twigs, and other debris that could either escape from the chimney or get into the chimney. The cap is also designed to ensure that animals and birds cannot use it as a nesting place, which would create another fire hazard.

Without a chimney cap, the flue and fireplace are left exposed, which could lead to damage, critters entering your home, rust on your chimney, or even water damage. Due to the importance of this chimney part, it’s essential to get an annual inspection to make sure it’s up to code.

What Is A Spark Arrestor?

Spark arrestors work to prevent the spread of fire and smoke by stopping sparks from landing on any flammable material on the ground or your roof.

The chimney spark arrestor consists of metal, such as aluminum or steel, with mesh layers on the side. This is the key difference between regular caps and chimney sparks, as Chimney caps do not typically have any mesh metal sides.

When you light a fire, it works to catch any embers, debris, or sparks from entering the flue. However, it still allows gas to flow through the mesh material so that it’s not trapped in your home. Plus, a spark arrestor also keeps out rain, birds from building nests, and other general debris.

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While chimney caps and spark arrestors are two different parts of your chimney, they both serve very important functions. Understanding the difference between both parts is essential to keeping your home safe. If you’re unsure if your chimney cap or spark arrestor is functioning the right way, it’s time to contact a professional contractor to inspect your entire chimney to see if any spark arrestor or chimney cap repair is needed.

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