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Chimney Maintenance: The Importance of Gas, Logs, Embers, Sand, Crystals.

Chimney Maintenance: The Importance of Gas, Logs, Embers, Sand, Crystals.

Chimneys are an essential part of many homes. They provide a secondary source for heating and keep the home free from smoke and soot that would otherwise enter the house. However, chimneys must be maintained to work well.

The use of gas logs, embers, sand, or crystals all play a role in creating a gorgeous and safe fire in your chimney. This is why it’s important to understand each element and how it contributes to the maintenance of the chimney.

Gas Logs

Gas logs are a type of fireplace fuel that can be used in both traditional and gas fireplaces. They come in different shapes and sizes, but all provide heat to the home, giving the same look as a glowing fireplace without constantly adding wood or playing around with the elements.

They consist of a stack of ceramic logs that pile inside your fireplace. Gas logs can either be vented or vent-free. Vent-free logs will release all of the exhaust and heat into your home, while vented gas logs will release it up to your chimney. 

Many people choose gas logs because they are warmers, safer, and have less maintenance than other options. Plus, gas logs will typically last ten years. However, it may be less depending on how heavily the unit is used and maintained.


Embers are the small, red clumps that are typically included with your gas logs. They are used to create a glow underneath your gas logs, adding to the overall impact of a gas log fireplace. These embers help with heat expansion and distribution without burning up because they’re comprised of mineral materials, protecting them from high heat. Fireplace embers can last for up to five years before having to be maintained.


Sand is typically used in a natural gas log set and is located at the bottom of the burn pan. The gas that is used will spread around the sand before it lights up. This helps ignite the flames in the logs, allowing them to spread evenly throughout the fireplace.

Sand can last two to three years before it needs to be replaced or added again, depending on the usage and maintenance of your gas burner system.


Crystals are typically used in a natural gas log set and are located at the bottom of the burn pan. You can find crystals in different colors, shapes, and sizes to help add some flare to your gas logs. The glass fireplace crystals help to retain and trap heat without crumbling or melting down. Crystals will last for a long time because they don’t actually burn and can withstand high heat.

The Importance Of Yearly Inspections

It is essential to have a yearly inspection done on your chimney, regardless of the type of fuel or elements you are using. This will help to keep it clean and in good condition so that you can avoid any dangerous situations or problems down the line.

Professional inspectors can help to clean and maintain all of the different elements in your chimney so that it can continue to work safely and properly, as well as identify any issues with your chimney that may need to be fixed or replaced.

At Eco Grizzly, we provide yearly inspections for all of our clients. So give us a call today to schedule your appointment!

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