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How A Chimney Cap Can Be Replaced?

How A Chimney Cap Can Be Replaced?

As soon as the cold weather approaches Los Angeles, the first thing that reminds us of is the fireplace. It is the best medicine to get the warm blaze crackling on a cold night. But before enjoying the entire fun, it is wise to make sure your chimney is working properly. For all hassles in your fireplaces, dryer vents, or air ducts, we are ready to assist 24/7, and if you’d like to get your chimney tended to, do reach us for the expanded range of services. Our experts’ team and the entire set-up will bring back the ambiance and warmth in your home once again.

Chimney Caps and their Importance

These are essential tools for maintaining your chimney in excellent working condition. These caps contain a ring of mesh on their sides which keeps debris and critters out and embers in. It has openings around ¾ inch across and bigger than that causes risks, including embers getting out and setting fires. They are generally made up of copper, stainless steel, or galvanized steel. 

If your fireplace is billowing back the smoke, this is the sign of chimney draft issues. A fireplace leaking smoke is a clear indication that poor draft conditions are causing the smoke to billow back, and you might need to replace your chimney’s cap.

Chimney Flashing

This is generally a roof flashing that protects the chimney through a waterproof seal. It functions as weather stripping and comprises three essential parts, including step flashing, counter/cap flashing, and base flashing. If it begins to leak or fails, you have to incur serious damage to your roofing, attic, interior designs, etc. A cracked chimney crown can also cause problems in chimney flashing. The effects may be arising due to extreme weather conditions. Due to this, the metal flashing condensed and leaking bricks can all cause chimney leaking into the fireplace.

Signs that indicate Chimney Flashing Repair

A well-installed chimney flashing lasts up to 20-30 years. It depends on a few factors, including weather conditions, quality of chimney, its shape and size, etc. Nevertheless, if leakage issues are arriving, you should need to get it replaced. Let’s consider some other signs which indicate that you need to repair your chimney flashing.

  • Leakage around, inside or outside of the chimney
  • Noisiness, strange sounds, puddles
  • Rusting
  • Bricks are getting discolored
  • Stains on ceilings, moisture on walls
  • Gaps in the caulking

Hence, please take the expert’s advice to replace flashing around the chimney if these signs have been noticed.

It is important to get the damaged flashing repaired as soon as possible to secure your home from the risks of water damage. Make sure to have the flashing around the chimney waterproofed so that it can stay longer. 

If the fireplace leakage or smoke problems are disturbing your comfort and pleasure, address the problem and replace chimney flashing as soon as possible. Arrange a professional chimney inspection with us and get your problem solved magnificently. Leave the worry of safety, security, and health hazards to your experts and enjoy your ambiance around your properly working fireplace.

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