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How Partnering With The Right Chimney Inspectors Can Save Realtors Time and Money

How Partnering With The Right Chimney Inspectors Can Save Realtors Time and Money

Following the impact of the pandemic, which temporarily stalled the market, we saw the first signs of recovery in property sales in June of last year. Since then, realtors all over the city are in full swing showing homes to prospective buyers while simultaneously putting new homes on the market.

And if the pandemic and stay-at-home orders taught home buyers something, it’s that more space and more comfort is an attractive must-have when making a purchasing decision. 

As the cold winter months will soon be upon us, there’s nothing better than staying warm in your own cozy oasis.
At-home fireplaces are in higher demand than ever before, and with this comes an extra layer of work for realtors: chimney inspections.

What Is a Chimney Inspection and Why Do I Need One?

Making sure that the chimney is in tip-top working condition is an important step in the home buying and selling process that gives potential buyers peace of mind by having a professional chimney company come in and perform an inspection, while also working on behalf of the sellers to disclose important information prior to the sell of their property.

A chimney inspection ensures the fireplace in the home is in sound condition and ready for use. While a typical home inspection may include some looking at the chimney structure, home inspectors have neither the training nor the tools to perform a thorough chimney inspection.

A Level 2 inspection is required upon the sale or transfer of a property and when changes are made to the system, such as a change in the fuel type, changes to the shape or materials in the flue, or the replacement or addition of an appliance. 

This process involves a certified chimney inspector to thoroughly examine the chimney’s exterior, interior, and the accessible portions of the appliance and the chimney connection plus a visual inspection by video scanning to examine all flue liners’ internal surfaces and joints incorporated within the chimney.

At Eco Grizzly, we understand how busy realtors are, which is why we want to help make your life easier. 

We do that by performing chimney inspections on houses even before you put them on the market. 

Our inspections are all-encompassing. We have a team of in-house licensed, trained, and certified technicians that can perform the highest level of inspections with complete professionalism, an important step in the buying and selling process. 

We are here to help buyers and sellers find peace of mind, but we are also here to support you, the realtors, in a smooth, fast, and efficient process.

Buying or selling a home is rarely a straightforward path. It requires a lot of planning and attention to detail, yet everyone involved always wants to get the process completed as quickly as possible. 

Our role in this endeavor is to expedite this process providing you with a detailed inspection report within 24 hours together with a quote and scope of work that leads to quicker closing of escrow. 

The best part is that we also perform the necessary repairs, cleaning, or maintenance procedures, so you don’t have to deal with multiple companies. 

We pride ourselves on timeliness, professionalism, friendliness, and reliability.

We are your one-stop, best source for a professional real estate chimney inspection and repairs.

We are dedicated to facilitating the buy or sell of a property with a thorough inspection to avoid possible hidden flaws and costly repairs—not only can we do a chimney sweep, but we’ll also check for functionality on all masonry structures of the property, including brick deterioration. In the end, this small act can save you time and money.

Now that you know who to trust and who to call for your next real estate chimney inspection, we are on stand-by to help you with your next inspection and offer you full-service of chimney cleaning, repair, rebuilding, and even remodeling to keep your client safe and satisfied.

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