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What Is A Smoke Chamber And How Does It Function?

What Is A Smoke Chamber And How Does It Function?

Your chimney is essential to ensuring that the smoke produced through the use of wood or gas logs is directed out of the house instead of into it. So while you want to try to keep the level of smoke to a minimum by ensuring the dampers of your chimney are open, investing in yearly inspections, and regularly maintaining your chimney, other parts of your chimney also play a part in smoke control.

The smoke chamber is one such component, and understanding how it works can help you troubleshoot any issues with your chimney. In this article, we’ll cover what a smoke chamber is and how it functions.

What Is A Smoke Chamber?

The smoke chamber is a part of the chimney that sits above the damper assembly and below the flue liner. It helps to ensure that gasses and smoke make it out of the chimney. The smoke chamber is constructed using firebricks that narrow as it goes through the smoke shelf, similar to a reverse funnel.

This is an essential component of your chimney because it ensures that the smoke and gases have a way to escape out of your home. However, if it’s been incorrectly built or is not the right size, the smoke may end up being disrupted and going back into your chimney.

Common problems With Smoke Chambers

Depending on the issue, a few things can go wrong with your smoke chamber. The most common problem is when the smoke chamber isn’t big enough, and the gases and smoke get disrupted as they try to escape. This will cause them to flow back into your home, filling it with smoke and fumes.

Another common problem is when the smoke chamber is too big. In this case, those gases and smoke will have an easier time escaping through your chimney as opposed to being forced out of it by some pressure from above. 

Last but not least, smoke Chambers that are constructed with corbeled masonry, which contains holes, gaps, and steps in your smoke chamber, making it harder for smoke to exit.

How To Tell If Your Smoke Chamber Is The Problem

There are many signs that your smoke chamber may be the issue you’re experiencing with your chimney. Common signs include:

  • Your fire is smoking excessively. There may be a lot of smoke and fumes coming from the chimney, even when it’s not in use or burning wood/gas logs.
  • Airflow through your chimney is reduced.
  • There’s noticeable soot build-up inside the chimney or smoke chamber, which may be accompanied by cracks or holes in your masonry.
  • Your fireplace emits an excess amount of heat into the room where it is located.

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