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What is the Best Way to Repair Leaking Chimney

What is the Best Way to Repair Leaking Chimney

The winter months bring harsh conditions to Los Angeles. Nothing provides a better experience than a warm fire during this season here. It is important to keep your fireplaces, dryer vents or air ducts up-to-date to avoid hassles in such extreme weather conditions. Our wide ranges of services are available 24/7 to provide our clients with the best experience of warmth and ambience.

The Common Chimney Leak Problems: Things You Should Know

Chimney leaks are the common problems people notice in the peak season. There are several reasons behind this type of leaking and professional assistance is required to fix chimney leak. Let’s consider some common factors due to which chimney leaks occur:

Missing Cover on Top

One of the major factors due to which chimney leakage arises is no cover on the top of your chimney. In case you don’t have a cap on your chimney, this will result in chimney roof leak as no chase cover, chimney cement crown, cap or damper is there to protect your chimney from rain, snow, storm etc. It can cause damage to your attic, interior ceilings and walls. A cap with mesh siding also prevents critters from entering the chimney. A missing cover on top can also:

  1. Inhibit your chimney’s draft
  2. Allow all manner of debris to build up in your chimney
  3. Allow debris to go into the flames during your first usage of fireplace of the season which can cause wind blow and your home can catch on fire.
  4. Blow wind directly into your chimney.

Damaged Chase Cover or Cement chimney crown

A cracked chimney crown or chase cover can also create leakage problems in the chimney. It protects the chimney from extreme weather conditions through a concrete slab cover on the top. In the weather conditions of Los Angeles, moisture, earthquakes and temperature change make the concrete brittle and cracks start to happen over time. By filling these cracks completely or by chimney crown rebuilt or by replacing your chase cover, you can avoid the issues of a leaking chimney.

Worn Out Brick and Mortar Joints

If the continuous leaking from your chimney is causing the problem and everything else is in a good position, you might need to get the brick and mortar joints repair as soon as possible. A timely chimney leak repair in such cases will keep your chimney moisture free and properly working.

Flashing Issue

Flashing prevents moisture and water as this area is the medium from where your chimney comes through the roof. It is usually made up of aluminum and sealed with a waterproof flashing sealant. It erodes over time and water makes way through it. Therefore, it is essential to keep an eye on it and have it waterproofed while necessary.

Chimney Condensation

The building up of condensation in your chimney is a rare case and it happens when the chimney is not fitted properly during its conversation from wood burning to gas burning. Due to this, moisture builds up and spreads through chimney walls. During a chimney inspection, installation or conversation, it is important to make sure that the proper liner is installed.  

The Right Support is Now Available

Smart recommendations should be followed to avoid metal chimney cap leaking. Spend a little extra to get a stainless steel cap as it will last long in comparison to the galvanized one. Furthermore, for assistance, queries, don’t hesitate to enquire us today to get the suitable solution possible to rectify all your chimney leakage problems. We have a trusted team of expert technicians who are providing their amazing services over the entire Los Angeles area for decades. Trust us to get your chimney leak issues resolved smoothly and significantly and enjoy your fireplace in comfort.

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