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What Is The Difference Between A Chimney Cap And A Chimney Crown?

What Is The Difference Between A Chimney Cap And A Chimney Crown?

The chimney works hard to ventilate your home and protect it from the elements. However, from time to time, you might find that certain parts of your chimney have worn down from constant use requiring either a specific part replacement or a good cleaning. When that happens, it’s essential to know the different parts of your chimney and how they function before hiring a chimney professional to inspect, service, and repair your chimney.

However, understanding chimney terminology can prove to be a bit challenging or confusing at times, especially since many of the terms sound remarkably similar. In this blog, we will break down the difference between a chimney cap and a chimney crown.

What Is A Chimney Crown?

The chimney crown refers to the top exterior part of your chimney, which is typically built using cement or mortar. This piece serves to protect your chimney from water damage by providing a slanted surface that helps to redirect the water away.

The crown is prone to damage from falling debris, tree branches, or rough weather conditions due to its location. Over time, this can lead to cracks and leaks in your chimney, which allows rainwater into your home’s interior walls if the damages are not repaired promptly or found during your regular chimney inspection.

Besides the damage it can do to the interior of your home, it can also cause damage to the chimney part itself. If it is left uninspected for an extended period of time, it can eventually completely break off of your chimney. However, while this piece is essential to help protect your chimney, it is not the only important part of your chimney.

What Is A Chimney Cap?

The chimney cap is a different part of your chimney than the crown. The cap refers to the round or square piece at the top of your chimney, located above the crown. The chimney cap works to stop material from getting into the chimney while still allowing smoke to escape. It is essential for keeping out animals like birds and squirrels as well as large debris.

While not every chimney may have a chimney cap included in its construction, it is considered essential for the safety of your chimney. Without it, not only will your chimney suffer wear and tear, but it could also cause damage because your fireplace and flue are left exposed, eventually allowing key components of your chimney to rust or allowing critters to make a new home inside your chimney.

When your flue is clogged with debris or animals, then the fumes from your fireplace are not adequately ventilated, which can increase the level of carbon monoxide and smoke present in your home.

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