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Your Smoke Chamber And Why it Matters

Your Smoke Chamber And Why it Matters

The smoke chamber is a part of the chimney that people often take for granted. However, it’s essential for your fireplace to function the right way. While it’s not a glamorous part to inspect, it can become dirty and cause smoke issues in your home very quickly if neglected. Despite its less than appealing nature, every homeowner should still be vigilant about regularly scheduling an inspection of their smoke chamber to make sure everything looks as it should. In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about your smoke chamber and why it matters.

What Is A Smoke Chamber?

The smoke chamber is located above the throat damper at the bottom of the flow and looks like a narrow passageway. The smoke chamber is designed to look like a cone and push gases and smoke from your fireplace up the flue to leave your chimney. However, if this part of the chimney is not maintained or constructed correctly, it can delay the way that smoke flows through your chimney, which can push smoke into your living room.

How Are Smoke Chambers Cleaned?

The walls of chimneys are typically constructed with clay, brick, or stone. Since these are porous materials that allow for air to pass through them, they can be challenging to clean because soot will seep into the pores of the material and become hard to remove. It is also possible for creosote buildup in your chimney liner, which can cause severe problems if not cleaned regularly.

However, the real difficulty is if your chimney is older as it might have cracks or holes in the smoke liner, which means that smoke could flow back into your home or heat could be transferred to other parts of your home, which is also dangerous.

Professionals will use refractory mortars to even out your smoke chamber or even rebuild any damaged parts of your smoke chamber. This will help to give your fireplace and chimney the strength needed to stop any smoke from flowing back into your home, ensuring your chimney works the right way.

Are There Any Signs That My Smoke Chamber May Be Damaged?

If you notice any of the following, it may be time for your smoke chamber to be inspected or repaired:

  • Smoke seeping into other parts of your home
  • Stains above your firebox
  • Heat transfer from the fireplace through cracks in flue tiles/liner.
  • Exposed Bricks
  • Cracks In Your Bricks
  • Poor Draft

If you notice any of these signs, contact a professional immediately to have your fireplace inspected.

Find Out If You Need Your Smoke Chamber Parged Today

Suppose you suspect that your chimney might have issues with the smoke chamber. In that case, you’ll want to contact a professional for a chimney inspection. At Eco Grizzly, we’ll be able to inspect and clean both the inside and outside of your chimneys as well as check for any signs of damage that could cause further problems in the future. If we find anything like cracks or holes, we’ll be able to repair it. Contact us today to get started.

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