Consider giving your current fireplace an updated look and style with a custom or prefabricated mantel or surround. Whether you’re looking for marble, granite, wood or stone, our certified techinicians are ready to install and build your dream fireplace mantel.

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Fireplace Mantel Installation

If you’re looking to elevate the look of your fireplace, Eco Grizzly is here for all your mantel installation needs. Our professionals bring years of experience and expertise in installing a variety of mantels such as wood, stone, metal, glass or combinations thereof. Add an exquisite touch to your home with our quality services!

Comprehending that each home is different, we craft a mantel specifically tailored to our clients’ décor and style. We have the experience necessary to fashion any kind of custom design – whether it’s traditional wood or rustic stone, modern metal or contemporary glass – so you can discover exactly what you’re looking for.

At our company, we take the mantel installation process seriously. We start by analyzing your fireplace and its proximity to guarantee that the installment is carried out safely and firmly. To make sure it fits beautifully, measurements are taken with exactness in mind. In addition, only top quality materials and hardware are used to ensure a secure attachment of your new mantel for years to come so you don’t have to worry about any shifting or movement over time.

At Eco Grizzly, we are devoted to delivering our customers the best customer service and satisfaction. Everyone should be served with a personalized approach that meets their individual needs — that is why we strive for excellence on every project! We guarantee you will leave delighted by our commitment to exceeding your expectations.

If you dream of having a fireplace with an elegant new mantel, let Eco Grizzly guide the way! We are here to help make that vision come true.

Mantel Installation

Types of fireplace mantels

Look no further than Eco Grizzly for the perfect fireplace mantel to fit your taste and decorating needs. Check out some of our top picks below:Wood mantels:
  1. Using wood mantels to adorn your fireplace is an ageless and refined choice for any home. You can choose from a wide array of premium quality woods such as oak, maple, cherry, and more that will be crafted into the ideal size and design based on your needs. To perfectly match existing decorations in the space, you may opt to stain or paint it as desired.

  2. Enhance the aesthetic of your space with a beautiful stone mantel! Whether you’re going for an elegant traditional look or chic contemporary feel, these rustic pieces will add character to any home. With our selection of varied stone types – limestone, marble and granite among them – you can customize the perfect mantel that fits just right in both size and style to make your vision come alive.

  3. Upgrade your space and create a sophisticated, modern look with metal mantels! Choose from steel, aluminum or wrought iron to find the perfect match for your décor. Plus customize further by selecting one of our beautiful finishes – matte or glossy – to truly bring out the beauty of your fireplace.

  4. Glass mantels create a modern, stylish aesthetic that will bring sophistication to any interior. Crafted from the highest quality tempered glass for your safety and protection, these unique mantels can be tailored with various colors and patterns to perfectly match your décor!

  5. Combination mantels are the ideal choice if you’re looking for something unique and special to add a dash of character to your home. The blend of different materials such as wood, stone, metal or glass creates an eye-catching piece that will enhance any existing décor.

At Eco Grizzly, we are passionate about helping you select the ideal mantel for your fireplace. Our team of specialists can help guide you through every step – from material and design selection to ensuring a safe and secure installation. Reach out now to explore our wide range of available mantels as well as our professional installation services!

The Benefits of a Mantel Installation

A mantel installation can provide several benefits to your home, including:
  1. Upgrade your fireplace with an elegant mantelpiece for a modern and sophisticated look! It will be the centerpiece of any room, drawing attention to it immediately. Imparting that extra touch of refinement, it’s sure to give your living space – or whatever area you decide – an eye-catching lift instantly.

  2. Make Your Home Stand Out – Upgrade Its Value: An attractive and useful mantel adds tremendous value to your home, making it stand out from the rest. A well-crafted mantel can make all the difference when trying to attract potential buyers.

  3. Make your home inviting and cozy by displaying beautiful items on the mantel. Showcase picture frames, vases, or other memorabilia to add a touch of personality and create an atmosphere of comfort for yourself and guests.

  4. If your home is lacking in storage space, then using a mantel can be the ideal solution. This feature not only adds to the decor of any room, but it also provides storage for books, DVDs and other small items. With its simple design and convenience factor, you’ll wonder why you didn’t think of this sooner!

  5. Increase Energy Efficiency with a Mantel: Installing a mantel around your fireplace can also help improve energy efficiency by reducing heat loss. It creates an effective barrier between the fire and the room, which prevents warm air from escaping up the chimney. This way, you save on energy costs while keeping your home comfortable during cold weather.

Ultimately, adding a mantel to your home greatly benefits both its appearance and usefulness.

A Mantel Installation for Every Home and Style

If you want to bring comfort and style into your living space, an Eco Grizzly fireplace mantel will provide the perfect finishing touch. Our expert team offers a wide selection of beautiful options that can fit any taste or design preference – from traditional wood-based designs to modern styles. With one of our handcrafted mantels, your home will be instantly transformed by adding character and personality!

Looking for a mantel installation? Check out our extensive range of options below:

Timeless Wooden Mantels

If you’re searching for a traditional and timeless look, then Eco Grizzly has the perfect wood mantel for you. Our selection of oak, maple, cherry and walnut provide warmth and texture to your fireplace that can be matched with any style decor. We offer a variety of finishes from natural to stained or painted – whatever works best for your home! Let us help you find the classic choice in wood mantels today at Eco Grizzly!

Rustic Mantels

For an organic, natural look, our mantels crafted from reclaimed wood or rough-sawn lumber offer the perfect aesthetic. These options bring elements of the outdoors into your home and are ideal for those who prefer a cabin theme in their decorating style.

Modern Mantels

If you prefer a modern aesthetic, our contemporary mantels come in an array of chic designs with clean lines. Made from metal or concrete and fully customizable to your specifications, these sleek creations are sure to bring timeless style into any home.

Custom Mantels

Here at Eco Grizzly, we recognize that all homes are distinct and each homeowner has individual preferences. To accommodate this uniqueness, we also offer custom mantel installations; our team of experienced designers collaborate with you to craft a one-of-a-kind mantel specifically tailored to your taste and space.

No matter what mantel installation option you choose, you can trust Eco Grizzly to provide expert craftsmanship and quality materials. Our team of experienced professionals will work with you from start to finish to ensure that your new mantel is installed safely and securely, so you can enjoy it for years to come.

Get in touch today to arrange a meeting and investigate the numerous choices for your upcoming mantel installation.

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Emilly Cardoso
I’m very happy with the service that I received from Johnny. He was very thorough and explained everything well, as well as how to maintain my chimney in the future. I also appreciated that he walked me through all of the different options for keeping my fireplace looking clean, and helped me pick which option would be best for me. Thank you!
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Alice Goldin
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Julio Holt
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Danny Lloyd
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James O’Reilly
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