Chimney Cleaning

Maintain the efficient operation of your fireplace, prevent potential fire hazards and keep your family safe.

Protect the integrity of your flue system and avert the buildup of creosote, a natural byproduct and toxic fire hazard found inside chimneys.

Perform a Level II inspection, per the National Fire Protection Association, required in all transfers of property ownership and receive a comprehensive report about your chimney system. 

Keep Your Chimney Clean

If your home has a fireplace, then it needs to be cleaned every year.

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Protect the integrity of your flue system, stay up to code, and prevent the buildup of creosote, a natural byproduct and toxic fire hazard found inside fireplaces so you can safely enjoy cozying up in front of the flames.

A clean chimney is essential for:

What Does My Chimney Cleaning Service Include?

Beyond cleaning your flue system your chimney cleaning service also includes a Level 1 inspection. This level of inspection looks for signs of:

1. Soot and Creosote Buildup:


For safety measures it’s important to clear up the accumulation of toxic byproducts that can cause harm to you and your family if inhaled. These toxic residues are also considered fire hazards causing more than 25,000 chimney fires incurring $125 million-plus in property damage every year in the United States.


2. Smoke entering your living space:


If smoke is coming into your home, there may be a significant blockage in your flue.


3. Foul Odors:


Creosote build-up is also indicated by a tar smell coming from your fireplace.


4. Weak Fire:


A dirty chimney can block up the passageway for air and reduce the draft resulting in low fire flames.


5. Code Requirements:


Many homes built before the mid-1950’s do not have chimney flue liners because they did not become a standard requirement until later in the 50s, which prevent carbon monoxide exposure and house fires allowing you to get covered by insurance.


6. Presence of Rodents:


Dead birds and raccoon nests are common causes of chimney fires. The National Fire Protection Association recommends scheduling a professional chimney sweep at least once a year to ensure the safe operation of your chimney.


7. Cracked Mortar:


Mortar gaps and cracks can expose your family to carbon monoxide poisoning.

Regular sweeping services will prevent these issues and help you enjoy a pleasant seating by your fireplace with peace of mind.

Prevention is Key

To maximize the efficiency of your fireplace and help keep a fire going, a chimney should be swept at least once per year to ensure that it’s working properly and safely according to building codes. 

Well kept fireplaces can increase the value of your home and extend their lifespan without recurring to costly repairs down the line.

When you schedule your chimney cleaning service, as recommended by industry professionals, homeowners insurance providers, and the national fire safety standards, you won’t run the risk of running into expensive repairs or safety hazards.

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